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This project started after a series of conversations between a family and a stranger from Glasgow. He shared with them experiences of losing loved ones, his battle with PTSD and addiction and how each of these experiences has led him to live houseless while finding safety and solace in the outdoors.

During their last conversation, he recommended the most beautiful walking spots in Scotland. They in turn, asked how long it might take for him to walk from their home in Salisbury north to his hometown in Glasgow. As someone who walked up to 20 miles some days, he said give or take a few weeks at most.


The following morning he left, having taken the family dog with him. 6 weeks later and 150 miles from where they both began, they were found still in each other's company.


We are going to see

a man about a dog

and in doing so, we hope to discover

the ways in which he views the world

and the place he holds in it.