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We will be releasing teasers weekly so check back here to watch the latest one.

Gone to see Trena

After hearing about our fundraising for @ssafa_armedforcescharity

Trena told us about the immense support her family received after losing their son Kurt, a serving member of the Armed Forces, who took his own life

4 years ago.

Trena and her family are major advocates for mental health awareness, emphasising that often the people who seem the most content on the outside, aren’t always what they seem to be.

"If talking about it helps just one other person,

then it's all been worth it."

Gone To See

A little update on some of the stories we've picked up on the long road north. We are excited to share all these incredible stories we've found along the way. Enjoy a little glimpse into the world of 3 of our stories, driven by vivid colour and immersive soundscapes.

“I feel better when I go out in the trees.

I feel better outside in the woods. Nature is

kind of like a medicine.”

"The horse hasn't been through a battle... but in a way it has. They understand each other, they've been through similar."

Gone to see Alex

We met Alex after incorrectly reading the maps and completely misjudging where the trail was leading. Hitting a dead end with no through-road past some ruins, meaning we would have to walk back the way we came and head the long way round to find the route again. As it turned out, finding ourselves in a castle talking to a man who lives off-grid in a neighbouring forest wasn’t such a dead-end after all.


A combination of unaffordable housing and not wanting to exist on the breadline forced Alex's new way of life to arise out of necessity. An existence many can relate to. Along with significantly reducing his carbon footprint and learning to rewild and live alongside nature, he also shared that the forest is where he has always felt most at home.

Gone to see Roy

Growing up in a travelling circus family, Roy has found himself carving a 6-decade long career working alongside animals. He's not much of a people person by definition and has always found solace in the company of his horses; the majority of which have been rescued themselves. Most notably he sought comfort in his animals after losing his father.

His four-legged companions also suit his clients very well, having worked with a range of people young and old, including soldiers dealing with PTSD. He admits the soldiers do incredibly well with rescue horses in rehabilitation.

GTS First Look

Take a look at some of the stories we met along the way.

The Walk Up North Begins in